The continuing back-and-forth banter regarding whether or not college athletics will resume in the fall has some fresh comments. This time, NCAA President Mark Emmert has weighed in on the situation.

Recently, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said he could envision a scenario in which sports could return if schools held online-only classes this fall. He, along with another handful of commissioners, told Stadium’s Brett McMurphy that there’s a way it could potentially work.

Emmert does not believe that’s a possibility. To him, students have to be back on campus in order for sports to resume.

“College athletes are college students, and you can’t have college (campuses) open and having students on them. You don’t want to ever put student-athletes at greater risk that the rest of the student body,” Emmert said, according to USA Today.

“All of the commissioners and every president that I’ve talked to is in clear agreement: if you don’t have students on campus, you don’t have student-athletes on campus. That doesn’t mean it has to be up and running in the full normal model, but you’ve got to treat the health and well-being of the athletes at least as much as the regular students. So if a school doesn’t re-open, then they’re not going to be playing sports. it’s really that simple.”

Last month, conference commissioners spoke with Vice President Mike Pence during a conference call regarding a return to college sports. At the time, the commissioners made it clear that they did not want to hold any sports unless students were permitted on campus.

This week, however, that changed. Some suggested that sports could be played, even if classes only resume in an online-only format. With so many contingency plans in place, it’s possible those commissioners were able to come up with some sort of solution that would keep student-athletes safe, even if it meant students weren’t on campus.

There seems to be a bit of disagreement on how things could push forward if students can’t return to campuses in the fall. It will be interesting to see what kind of solution comes from it.