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NYC Buckeye Fan; with Ohio relatives but also a fan of great football. Especially cutting edge offense schemes; both Smashmouth Spread and Air raid and Trench War. I also love a good Pro Style under center FB and or 2TEs; but its RARE to see it done well. Like Stanford, Wisconsin. I watch a ton of recorded ball; nearly all my CFB is Feb-June. HD with rewind.

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Scott Frost is as good a coach as you can possibly find. Championship caliber coordinator; turns UCF undefeated with a fascinating scheme and no NFL starter type talent. "Failure" because even with that, the Big10's 7-5 schools are full of D linemen with the size and speed to get NFL tryouts. THATS the difference. And the reason so far they can't build Lines to block them is; they obviously don't have a Good network of Bagmen. Alumni donors willing to dish out 40K to a HS kid like the bigtime schools, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, entire SEC, etc. If you fire Scott Frost; who will do a better job with limited resources? Let's not pretend 4 and 5 star kids go out of state for the education and love of the game. The whole structure of NCAA and rules and such; is to make sure its under the table, no compensation, other then under the table investment from Alumni. The enforcement is just to ensure the $$ aren't a true open market; where Schools start public bidding wars. That could get out of hand in a hurry...HS seniors with millions of $.
Give the guy some time. Nebraska NEEDs Offensive Line; the Bigten is the 2nd strongest conference at luring the 260-310 LB maulers. If they guy can turn around UCF from winless to undefeated; he's not a stubborn prostyle guy like Harbough; just give it time.