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This is the year IU can beat OSU , MSU, UW, and PSU along with the other team they should beat. This team will play hard and we have the depth with experience to get the job done. Come on Hoosiers show everyone you should be the league champion.
Don't forget that UM with Harbaugh needed 2 OT to beat IU in 2015 and trailed IU in 2016 until the 4th Qt. So much of Harbaugh's allocades are due to his reputation v. what his UM team is doing. I think he is a very good coach but I also think he wears on people and will tail off as time goes by.
Fants statement would be something many would say if Tegray Scales played for OSU, UM, OSU. He has the speed, the hitting ability, and reading of plays to be the best LB in the country. He isn't an inside 5-2 LB but a fast following excellent stunting LB in a 4 man front. I was so glad when he came aback for his final year.
I hope Lagow improves and gives IU an explosive offense to go with what looks to be an outstanding defense in 2017. Based on his Spring game though he hasn't made the improvement except he is now a better leader and teammate. The game did show that Ramsey could be a starting QB to step in if Lagow doesn't get the job done. Add in Tronti coming in this Fall and IU may have two viable back up QBs that can step in if the starter struggles.
2017 is a key year for IUFB; coach Allen will survive no matter what the record is. However now is the time to start having winning records because that is what it will take to improve recruiting. To beat the top teams consistently, IU needs to start getting some hgher rated athletes on the team. You can only strike it rich once in a while with a player like Ball and Tronti being overlooked and low rated. IU doesn't need to be rolling in 5 star athletes as Wisconsin, Boise State, NW, and others have shown 3 and 4 star athletes can create top teams. But to starting bringing in 4 star athletes to bolster the three star players; IU needs to have a "break through" season that coach Allen is pushing for this year. I think IU has the coaches now to start bringing in better players based on their approach and experience. There are proven recruiters on the staff, coaches that have ties into TX, MS, FL, GA, SC, along with Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Recruits that come in are now saying they love what they see at IU; how the players and coaches feel about each other along with how they believe they can win games thi year. The pieces are in place with the facilities, coaches, and roster, they jut have to get it done on the field.
Lagow hasn't improved enough to say he will be the starter all season. Maybe the Spring Game was a step back for him and with more games he will improve. If not Ramsey and possibly Tronti [in the Fall] will be able to step in if Lagow is holding back the offense. Wed don't know about the running game yet with so many RBs out with injuries. The defense looks like it could be better this season as Scales, Fant, Crawford, Ball, and Riggins showed they can be as good as any in the B1G. The DL looked good especially against the run and when they are all together to establish a rotation I think the front will be formidable. The secondary is deep with experience and talent, Stallings, Johnson, and Bowen look to be on the rise. Add in Hoff, who didn't play, Gooch, McCray, and Sykes gives IU a talented front to make it tough on opposing offenses. Special teams should be improved as Coach Allen emphasizes that part of the game and our kickers, with no pressure, looked to have plenty of leg. There are several players that can return punts and kick offs to make the teams more explosive. I know if I were one of the coaches I would have Ball as one of the returners for our team.
So many of these players and protesters are based on misinformation. Our media is so biased right now that they misrepresent policies. I realize some have different ideas of illegal immigration but I don't understand not recognizing that wanting to follow the law and enforce the law isn't exclusion. If they think people are excluded then work to have the law changed don't demonize people that believe in the rule of law. After all, if we don't go by the rule of law then we accept some people are exceptions that don't have to follow the law while everyone else does. This creates privilege for some and not everyone.
Iowa and the other second tier teams in the B1G have a dilemma, when to up grade their out of conference schedule without destroying their chances of being bowl eligible. Indiana is like Iowa, they are now competing in tight games with all the teams in the East [IU hasn't been able to beat them like Iowa has now and then], will they help or hurt their programs taking on big name teams and losing to them until their rosters improve. I want to see them improve their schedules as I think it benefits them and the conference. NW is in the same situation and they schedule top teams beating them now and then; I think it helps their recruiting.
It makes you wonder why so many top QBs go to OSU knowing only one will get to play when they could go to another school and have a great shot at starting. It just shows the draw a winning tradition can pull in top recruits if the school has a coach with a great reputation of winning championships.
You never know how the NCAA will react to minor violations following a schools problems with lack of control like MN had that ending up firing their former coach. I hope the players at MN aren't punished any more but you never know what the NCAA will rule.
Wilson's removal was due to having the AD telling him that derogatory talk towards some players about being injured and not on the field had to stop. It didn't as other incidences occurred so he was let go. I am sure coach Wilson doesn't see it as abusive but he doesn't understand in today's world that approach gets you fired. Many schools don't care how players are treated but at IU AD Fred Glass cares very much about the athletes and doesn't want derogatory language used towards players. This didn't happen to all players just ones Wilson seemed to be frustrated with. I am sure coach Wilson saw the comments as joking with the players but it went much further than that. Wilson did a good job getting IU to the level he did but he is ignoring the problem by saying he didn't do anything wrong.
Good Luck, Ricky Jones. I hope you are one of several Hoosiers that make the NFL this year.