With Big Ten football returning on Saturday, so too does the pressure on Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

As the Wolverines have struggled in big moments, conversations about Harbaugh’s performance at his alma mater have become a more regular thing. That conversation got a big platform this morning as the College GameDay crew discussed Harbaugh’s standing with the Wolverines.

Though Harbaugh has done well from a big picture standpoint, the thing that continues to plague the former Michigan quarterback is his record against Ohio State. Heading into this season, Harbaugh is 0-for-5 against the Wolverines’ biggest rival.

“I think anytime you’re 0-5 against Ohio State, it’s going to create some intensity, it’s going to create a buzz,” Kirk Herbstreit said of Harbaugh.

Herbstreit went on to discuss Michigan’s quarterback troubles. After Shea Patterson left something to desire under center, the Wolverines begin the Joe Milton experience.

Milton, a 6-foot-5 quarterback out of Pahokee, Florida, has plenty of people excited and could be something that puts Michigan over the top.

“I think he’s a quarterback away from getting to an elite level,” Herbstreit said of Harbaugh.

As the conversation continued on the set, which is in Minneapolis this week, the GameDay crew continued to opine over Harbaugh’s situation.

“He’s not getting paid like a good coach,” David Pollack said. “He’s getting paid like a great coach.”

Former Michigan wide receiver Desmond Howard pointed out his alma mater’s lack of playmakers.

“They need playmakers in space,” Howard said. “In today’s game, you need dynamic receivers.”

With Michigan being the primetime game for ESPN’s top crew, the conversation surrounding Harbaugh will only grow and could turn one way or another based on how things go in the season opener against the Gophers.