Matt Rhule has Heinrich Haarberg’s back when it comes to dealing with recent attention.

Rhule said that he has no concerns about the Nebraska quarterback when it comes to handling the spotlight, according to Lincoln Journal Star’s Luke Mullin.

“I have no concerns about that with him, he seems like a pretty humble kid from everything I’ve seen,” Rhule said. “It’s all fleeting, it’s day-by-day, you’ve got to perform today and you’ve got to perform every single day that you’re out there.”

Haarberg has done enough to reward Nebraska with two consecutive wins. The toughest challenge for Rhule in year one awaits on Saturday, however. Michigan is up next on the schedule and the Wolverines have looked dominant through four games.

Haarberg had 107 yards passing on Saturday, but the ground was where he performed the best. He had 157 yards rushing and 2 total touchdowns against Louisiana Tech.

Regardless of what happens in Week 5, Rhule seems confident that Haarberg will be calm, cool, and collected.