Mike Gesicki continues to impress, the former Penn State standout hauling in an impressive touchdown for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL Week 12.

The touchdown catch gave the Dolphins a 10-3 lead at the New York Jets. The Dolphins are having a surprising season with a 6-4 record and squarely in the picture for a return to the playoffs.

With 8:56 left in the second quarter, Gesicki leaped above some desperate coverage from Jets rookie safety Ashtyn Davis for a 13-yard touchdown catch. It was a nice, lofted ball from Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to his tight end.

Fitzpatrick, for those unaware, went to Harvard and may or may not be smart.

In his third year in the NFL, the former Nittany Lions tight end came into Week 12 third on the Dolphins with 28 catches for 414 yards and two touchdowns. He was taken by the Dolphins in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft, selected No. 42 overall.

Gesicki has been a key part of Miami’s offense this year as the team looks to make the playoffs. The Dolphins haven’t made the postseason since 2016.