To open the 2020 season, Penn State was supposed to face Nevada. That’s not happening anymore, though.

The Nittany Lions are now going to play Kent State on Saturday, Sept. 5. The game will be played at Beaver Stadium.

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The news of the scheduling update was released Wednesday, and on Thursday night, James Franklin made his weekly appearance on his radio show.

Here’s Franklin talking about scheduling going forward and what his preferences are:

“One of the things that I’d like to do, is I’d like to get away from some of the home and homes that we’re doing and play some of the neutral site games, so instead of playing a home and home with someone, I would rather go play a neutral site game, maybe in the Meadowlands, or Washington, D.C., or whatever it may be, play a neutral site game in this region that everyone can get to,” Franklin said.

Here’s more from Franklin:

“In some ways, it would work out as another home game for us because we would get paid for an away game, which can help the athletic department and things like that. We’re looking at a bunch of different things, just to be as creative as we possibly can.”

He even brought up Alabama and Nick Saban:

“When you talk about building a program, a complete program, you have to compete in every area,” Franklin said. “Since Coach Saban has been at Alabama, they’ve played one away non-conference game, in like 12 years, so that’s what I’m trying to kind of get everybody to understand.

“For you to build the kind of program you want to build, you have to be really strategic, and compete in every area. We keep chipping away at it, and I like where we’re headed.”

Franklin certainly has his points. Unfortunately, we likely won’t see any neutral site non-conference games in the near future since adding opponents typically takes place years prior to games happening.