PHOTO: As expected, not many people showed up to the Quick Lane Bowl


Detroit isn’t the ideal destination in the middle of December. The Quick Lane Bowl isn’t exactly the most anticipated postseason game of the year, either.

Put that combination together, along with two 6-6 teams from the East Coast in Maryland and Boston College and what do you get? A really, really small turnout at Ford Field.

Here are just a few images from Detroit right at the start of the contest. Not surprisingly, you won’t find many people (if any at all) in the upper deck:

Even when the Lions are

Even when the Lions went 0-16 in 2008 the seats weren’t quite that empty.

Hopefully the Terrapins and the Eagles put on a good show for the people who did make the trip to the Motor City the day after Christmas.


Photo Credit: Empty Seats Galore Twitter


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