Clemson player rants about people hating on teammate’s odd Fiesta Bowl grab

Let’s be honest. It was weird. Really weird.

By now, you’ve probably seen Christian Wilkins’ odd touching of Ohio State’s Curtis Samuel in the Fiesta Bowl.

In case you haven’t, here you go:

After that video went viral, Wilkins was remorseful.

“I was being silly, and I apologize for that,” Wilkins said to ESPN’s David Hale. “It’s stuff you do when you’re competing, and I know that’s not a good look. I apologize for that, and I shook hands with him after the game. There was no hard feelings.”

But Wilkins’ teammate, Ben Boulware, had a different reaction to that whole ordeal. During media day for the national championship, the Clemson linebacker was asked about Wilkins’ illegal touching.┬áHe basically chalked it up to “football guys being football guys.”

Here was his rant (via Brian Hamilton):


So yeah. Apparently if you have a problem with another man touching another man’s genitals in the heat of a game, you sucked at football, had no friends or didn’t like getting naked in front of your peers.

It appears Boulware is a big supporter of locker room talk.


Photo Credit: The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY Sports


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  • Seriously? This guy is talking out of the side of his neck. Not only is he a closet creeper, he’s mad someone questions it. What a punk.

  • I agree with Boulware. This just happened to be caught on camera. I was a running back in HS and the things that happened at the bottom of the pile are much worse and malicious that what is seen here.

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