Penn State LB: Maybe players skipping bowls will force NCAA to pay us

Christian McCaffrey created a firestorm of opinion with his announcement that he wouldn’t be playing in the Sun Bowl so that he could prepare for the NFL draft.

Leonard Fournette did the same thing a week earlier. Others have done it, and likely will continue to do it.

Some are wondering if that trend will result in some change from the NCAA. Maybe reduced bowl games or more bowl game incentives would be a welcome sign.

Penn State linebacker Jason Cabinda offered up a take along those lines:


Cabinda is as well-spoken as they come. The veteran is the vocal leader of that Penn State defense.

But Fournette and McCaffrey are two extremely rare cases of athletes playing in non-New Year’s Six games with potential monster paydays. They represent less than one-thousanth of a percent of college football players.

The odds of the NCAA overhauling its system because of the desire of a few would be stunning, to say the least. But perhaps as Cabinda suggested — if it does become a true trend — it’ll add to the argument for the NCAA to give student-athletes an a salary.

Surely that would make many like Cabinda and Jake Butt happy.


Photo Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports


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  • First, I’m not even going to get into the paying the athlete thing, that is a whole other can of worms.
    Second. If they don’t play, that means they quit the team. Take away the scholarship.
    Since they have no scholarship, they can’t use school facilities to train. Have fun working out at the Y. Also ,that means they will need a place to stay, no food money from the school, and trainers, hope they can get one on credit.
    Sure, most of the big guys will do just fine, but it will be nice to slap some of them in the face with a shot of reality. You break a contract, you pay the price.
    Last. No coaches from the team, or help from the school. My kid wouldn’t get free training, so this guy shouldn’t either.

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