If you love upsets in college football and creating chaos heading into the final week of the season, this weekend was a bit of a downer in the B1G. Not to worry, though, there are still plenty of implications on the line in Rivalry Week.

College Football Playoff stakes are still high, a B1G West title is still to be determined and Michigan State and Nebraska are fighting for bowl eligibility. Plus, it’s Rivalry Week, you know it’s going to be awesome.

But before we jump ahead to the final week of the regular season (wipes away tears), let’s have a look at what I’m overreacting to after the 13th week of the B1G season.

Ohio State should have a College Football Playoff spot locked up

The Buckeyes have done more than enough to secure a spot in the College Football Playoff. Even if they drop one of the next two games to Michigan or Minnesota/Wisconsin, Ohio State has the resumé, the statistics and the metrics to deserve a shot at a national title.

Anyone got a problem with that? I didn’t think so.

Start the Hintze 4 Heisman campaign now

Zach Hintze made a 62-yard field goal in Madison, Wisconsin in the MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER. Can you imagine the kind of distance that dude could get on a bright and sunny September afternoon? Or if the Badgers traveled to Colorado where the air is just a little bit thinner? Could he knock one through from 70 yards?

I want to see it. Actually, I want to see this become Wisconsin’s No. 1 offensive strategy for the rest of the season. Replace all punting with Hintze field goal attempts.

Rutgers should put the “No” in Greg Schiano

Probably not a popular opinion here, but Rutgers shouldn’t be looking at get Schiano back on the sidelines. The second run with a program rarely goes well, just ask Randy Edsall at UConn.

It’s beginning to look like a deal could be coming, but Rutgers should’ve picked up the phone an gauged the interest of guys like Luke Fickell, Chris Creighton and Lance Leipold a little more seriously. Maybe there’s a reason I’m not in charge.

P.J. Fleck to Purdue?!?

You all heard it, right? That “Boiler Up!” following Fleck’s postgame presser? Should Minnesota be worried about losing its head coach to a division rival? Is it time to panic about his future again?

Oh, that was just for support of Purdue so the Gophers could lock up a division title? Carry on, then.

Kirk Ferent$$$

In case you missed it, Ferentz raked in another $500,000 in bonus money after Iowa defeated Illinois and got its eighth win of the season. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ferentz has the best agent in college sports. It’s not even close.

If only there were some kind of similar contractual obligation when I hit eight wins on NCAA 2014 on my X-Box.

Even Northwestern’s youngest fans are smarter than the rest of us

How unpleasant has Northwestern’s football team been to watch this season? One youngster decided he’d rather work on his Rubik’s Cube than watch the Wildcats fall to 0-8 in B1G play and 2-9 on the season. Even without the Rubik’s Cube, his decision to ignore what was happening on the field makes him smarter than a lot of us.

The return of “Meee”chigan

How people pronounce “Michigan” is really based on how the team is performing. If everyone is going with proper pronunciation of the state name, there’s trouble in Paradise. But, when the “Meee” returns, that’s a sign things are headed in the right direction.

Right now, the Wolverines are rolling on both sides of the football. They might actually be able to keep pace with THE Ohio State University next Saturday, just like the good ol’ days.

Please, for the love of God, keep those details to yourself, Scott Frost

None of us needed to know it was “coming out both sides” from your players. Please keep that in-house next time. Much appreciated, Scott. Signed, all of us.

Maryland should change its nickname to the Terrible-ins

Has there been a B1G team that has gotten worse each and every week this season? Seriously. Maryland is losing to teams at the end of the year the same way it was beating teams to start the 2019 campaign. That’s the opposite of good.

Maryland has battled a ton of injuries and a transition year is never easy to handle. Usually, though, teams tend to see some improvements as the year continues. The Terrible-ins have only gotten worse. It’s not a great sign heading into the offseason.

Paul Bunyan’s Axe? B1G West? College GameDay? Bring. It. On.

College GameDay is making its first trip to the Twin Cities. The winner of Minnesota-Wisconsin gets Paul Bunyan’s Axe, a B1G West title and a chance to play Ohio State for a conference championship. This is what B1G football is all about.