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Big Ten Sports Betting: Legal States, College Football Odds, Online Sportsbooks

Big Ten Sports Betting is live in 12 of the 14 Big Ten states for the upcoming 2024-2025 college football season (sorry, Minnesota and California). The conference is expanding from 14 to 18 schools next season, adding UCLA, USC, Washington and Oregon.

That’ll make for quite the regular season with major brands such as Ohio State, Michigan, USC and Oregon all in the same conference. But it’s not just football that Big Ten fans should be excited about. Major sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel and more have plenty of betting markets to choose from in Big Ten Country.

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Big Ten Sports Betting Legal Snapshot

As previously mentioned, 10 of the 14 states that house a Big Ten college football team already feature legal and live online sports betting. Wisconsin and Nebraska allow legal sports betting from a retail perspective, but not yet online. California and Minnesota remain illegal sports betting states, though legislation has been proposed in Minnesota that could gain momentum in the Minnesota legislature.

All things considered, the Big Ten is in a much rosier legal sports gambling situation than the SEC is, as college football’s most talented conference is still working with just a couple of legal and live sports betting states.

State Live Online Sports Betting Status? Launch Date or ETA
🇺🇸 California ❌ No ❓ Uncertain
🇺🇸 Illinois ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Indiana ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Iowa ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Maryland ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Michigan ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Minnesota ❌ No 🗓 Potentially 2024
🇺🇸 Nebraska ❌ No (Retail: ✅ Yes) 🗓 Potentially 2024
🇺🇸 New Jersey ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Ohio ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Oregon ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Pennsylvania ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Washington ✅ Yes 💰 Already Live
🇺🇸 Wisconsin ❌ No (Retail: ✅ Yes) ❓ Uncertain

Big Ten Legal State Best Bets

One of the Big Ten’s greatest attributes – especially now – is its plentiful geography. The conference’s 18 teams are spread across 14 total states. No state hosts more than two teams, as Illinois, Indiana, California and Michigan now host two big-time college football programs apiece.

Here’s a snapshot of each Big Ten state as it pertains to Big Ten Sports Betting.


Illinois Fighting Illini football and Northwestern Wildcats football are the 2 Big Ten programs hailing from this state. And as luck would have it – for the many fans of each school – online sports betting is already live in Illinois.

To put it lightly, Neither the Illini nor Wildcats are expected to do much this college football season. Here are the odds for both to win the CFP next season:

It’s a bit of a different story in basketball. Illinois is building a solid team for next year and currently sits at +4000 to win the title in 2024/25, the 16th best odds in the country.


The legalization of Indiana online sports betting became a reality in October 2019.

Indiana also features a pair of B1G teams: Indiana and Purdue. The Boilermakers are one of the best teams in the country and Indiana is trying to claw its way back to relevance after a few down years in Bloomington.

Purdue just made a run at the national title after losing in the first round to Fairleigh Dickinson in 2022-23. Zach Edey, the National Player of the Year, is on the way out, but the Boilers should still be solid for years to come. Purdue is +3000 to win the 2024-25 national title while Indiana sits at +5000.


The Iowa Hawkeyes boast one of the most underrated athletic departments in the country. Iowa football is constantly in the top 25, Iowa basketball is always hovering right around that mark and the women’s team is among the best programs in the country, formerly led by superstar and No. 1 WNBA draft selection Caitlin Clark.

Iowa is not known as a baseball conference, but the Hawkeyes have a strong baseball program as well.

Here’s a look at future odds for the Hawkeyes:


Michigan football is… Michigan football. The Wolverines have owned Michigan State on the gridiron in recent years, but it’s the other way around in college basketball.

But Michigan basketball is on the up and up after hiring former FAU head coach Dusty May, who took the Owls to the Final Four a few years ago.

Here’s a look at the best odds for Michigan and Michigan State:


Pennsylvania is one of the big boys in the sports gambling market to date, for good reason. Not only does the state boast an impressive array of professional and collegiate teams, but its geography showcases many worlds within one universe. Those on the east side of the state feel as though Western Pennsylvania is a foreign land at times.

Then, there’s Penn State – a country of its own.

The Nittany Lions have always been a very good football team, but they haven’t been truly elite in the CFP era. Instead, the Nittany Lions seem to lead the charge of the tier just below the Big Dogs: Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State and so on.

Drew Allar (+4500 to win the Heisman) leads the way for Penn State heading into his 3rd year with the program. The Nittany Lions are +2500 to win the national title, the 11th best odds in the country. Is this the year Penn State can make the jump into the upper echelon?

New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the most interesting sports betting laws in the country. It’s fully live and legal both online and retail, but collegiate betting on NJ-based teams is prohibited. This means there simply aren’t any odds for college football, basketball and baseball for the Scarlet Knights.

Regardless, there is legitimate momentum for the Scarlet Knights football team. Rutgers just had its best season since 2014, winning 7 games and the Pinstripe Bowl to showcase. We’ll see if HC Greg Schiano can lead the Scarlet Knights into legitimacy this upcoming season.


Maryland officially launched online sports betting in late 2022. The state features the Maryland Terrapins as the premier college squad, but we have to be honest with ourselves: Maryland as an athletics brand entering 2024 is the spitting image of the word “mid.”

The basketball team hasn’t been to the second weekend of the NCAAT since 2016. Maryland football hasn’t won 9 games since 2010 and hasn’t won 10 or more since 2003. However, the Terps have now posted 3 straight winning seasons for the first time since 2006-2008. Their odds to win the national title sit at +40000 on DraftKings.


Ah yes, the Buckeyes. Ohio State football has sat backseat to Michigan for the past few years, but the tide may soon be set to turn. Jim Harbaugh is off to the NFL and the Buckeyes are reloading for another shot at a national title this upcoming season. Here are Ohio State’s football odds for next season:

Ohio State basketball should be strong in 2024-25 as well, though with not as lofty expectations compared to the football team. The Buckeyes are currently +6000 to win the national title in 2024-25.


The Ducks are the new kids in town and immediately a threat to win the Big Ten in Year 1 (+240 on DraftKings). Online betting is legal in Oregon, so new Big Ten fans can bet on the Ducks to win the national title at +1000, the 4th best odds in the country.

At the same time. Dillon Gabriel (who transferred from Oklahoma) currently sits at +1000 to win the Heisman Trophy, the 3rd best odds in the country.


Online sprots betting is legal in Washington, but it’s one of the highest regulated states in the country. Washington bettors cannot bet on Washington schools, but they can bet on college sports.

The Huskies are also a legitimate threat to do some damage in the Big Ten in Year 1, thought not as much as Oregon. Washington’s odds to win the Big Ten is Year 1 currently sit at +5000.

Will Rogers, who transferred from Mississippi State, is +5000 to win the Heisman Trophy.

Big Ten Sports Betting States on the Verge of Live Online Sports Betting


Initially, the strangeness that was Nebraska Cornhuskers football leaving the Big 12 for the Big Ten was obvious and understandable. A decade later, Nebraska has brought another worthwhile state to the conference’s party.

Gov. Pete Ricketts legalized sports betting when he signed LB561 into law on May 25, 2021. Legal Nebraska sports betting is currently limited to in-person locations only, but the protected online sports betting launch is still very much a possibility.


Minnesota sports betting could be here very soon, folks. However, the likelihood that it will be live and legal in 2024 is looking less and less likely with each passing day.

A sports betting bill was advanced in March 2024, but no updates have come from that movement.


California is one of the most anti-sports betting states in the country and as of April 2024 there is no foreseeable future for sports betting out west.


Sports betting is legal in Wisconsin, but only in retail. Several bills have been introduced to include online options for users outside of casino grounds, but so far they have been unsuccessful.

Big Ten Football Betting Odds 2024

Does it get any better than this? Not only can college football fanatics watch their favorite Big Ten team on Saturday, but they can also legally place online bets (as long as they’re located within an already live-and-legal-online-sports betting state).

Below are the Big Ten college football odds for some of the most popular future betting categories heading into the 2024 NCAA college football season:

Big Ten Football Championship Odds 2024

The Big Ten field is going to be as chaotic as it ever has in 2024. With 4 new teams entering the fray and Michigan expected to take a slight step back with the departure of Jim Harbaugh, it’s truly anyone’s race with Ohio State and Oregon as slight favorites.

Here’s a look at the odds fo4 2024.

Team Logo Odds
🏈 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State Logo +150
🏈Oregon +240
🏈 Michigan Wolverines Michigan Logo +500
🏈 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State Logo +550
🏈USC Ohio State Logo +2200
🏈 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa Logo +3500
🏈Washington Ohio State Logo +5000
🏈 Nebraska Cornhuskers Nebraska Logo +6000
🏈 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin Logo +7000
🏈 Maryland Terrapins Maryland Logo +7500
🏈UCLA Ohio State Logo +11000
🏈 Michigan State Spartans Michigan State Logo +12000
🏈 Northwestern Wildcats Northwestern Logo +13000
🏈 Indiana Hoosiers Indiana Logo +15000
🏈 Minnesota Golden Gophers Minnesota Logo +20000
🏈 Illinois Fighting Illini Illinois Logo +30000
🏈 Purdue Boilermakers Purdue Logo +30000
🏈 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Rutgers Logo No odds

Big Ten Championship History:

It’s been Michigan’s world in Big Ten country over the better part of the last few seasons. Can the Buckeyes dethrone Michigan in 2024?

Here’s a look at the Big Ten’s recent championship history.

Year Matchup Line Winner and Score Champ
2023 🏈 Michigan-Iowa 💰 Michigan -22.5 ✅ Michigan, 26-0 Michigan Logo
2022 🏈 Michigan-Purdue 💰 Michigan -17 ✅ Michigan, 43-22 Michigan Logo
2021 🏈 Michigan-Iowa 💰 Michigan -12 (44) ✅ Michigan, 42-3 Michigan Logo
2020 🏈 Ohio State-Northwestern 💰 Ohio State -17 (57.5) ✅ Ohio State, 22-10 Ohio State Logo
2019 🏈 Ohio State-Wisconsin 💰 Ohio State -17 (57.5) ✅ Ohio State, 34-21 Ohio State Logo
2018 🏈 Ohio State-Northwestern 💰 Ohio State -16.5 (63) ✅ Ohio State, 45-24 Ohio State Logo
2017 🏈 Ohio State-Wisconsin 💰 Ohio State -3.5 (51) ✅ Ohio State, 27-21 Ohio State Logo
2016 🏈 Penn State-Wisconsin 💰 Wisconsin -3 (45) ✅ Penn State, 38-31 Penn State Logo
2015 🏈 Iowa-Michigan State 💰 Michigan State -3 (50) ✅ Michigan State, 16-13 Michigan State Logo
2014 🏈 Wisconsin-Ohio State 💰 Wisconsin -4 (54) ✅ Ohio State, 59-0 Ohio State Logo
2013 🏈 Michigan State-Ohio State 💰 Ohio State -5.5 (53.5) ✅ Michigan State, 34-24 Michigan State Logo
2012 🏈 Wisconsin-Nebraska 💰 Nebraska -2.5 (48) ✅ Wisconsin, 70-31 Wisconsin Logo
2011 🏈 Wisconsin-Michigan State 💰 Wisconsin -9.5 (56) ✅ Wisconsin, 42-39 Wisconsin Logo

Big Ten Championship Facts, Trends:

Big Ten Football National Championship Odds 2024

It’s Ohio State, Oregon and a bunch of SEC teams at the top right now. That’s not to say Michigan and Penn State don’t have a chance, but it’ll be tough to outlast the SEC this season.

The SEC is especially hungry this season after Michigan broke through and won the title last year. Here’s a look at the odds for the B1G schools.

Team Logo Odds
🏈 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State Logo +425
🏈 Oregon +1000
🏈 Michigan Wolverines Michigan Logo +1600
🏈 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State Logo +2500
🏈 USC Ohio State Logo +4000
🏈 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin Logo +10000
🏈 Washington Ohio State Logo +10000
🏈UCLA Ohio State Logo +20000
🏈 Nebraska Cornhuskers Nebraska Logo +20000
🏈 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa Logo +20000
🏈 Michigan State Spartans Michigan State Logo +30000
🏈 Maryland Terrapins Maryland Logo +40000
🏈 Minnesota Golden Gophers Minnesota Logo +60000
🏈 Illinois Fighting Illini Illinois Logo +30000
🏈 Northwestern Wildcats Northwestern Logo +100000
🏈 Indiana Hoosiers Indiana Logo +200000
🏈 Purdue Boilermakers Purdue Logo No odds

Big Ten National Championship Facts, Trends:

Big Ten Football Heisman Trophy Odds 2024

Right now, Dillon Gabriel (USC) is the leader of B1G players to win the Heisman with +1000 odds, the next best odds are Will Howard of Ohio State at +1500.

Here’s a list of the top six Heisman Trophy Odds heading into the 2024 season:

Big Ten Heisman Trophy Facts, Trends:

Check out Saturday Down South’s full Heisman Trophy Odds for 2024.

Big Ten Football Win Total Over-Unders

Big Ten Win Total Over-Unders are always a popular play, and the 2024 NCAA regular season shouldn’t change that sentiment. The lines are not out quite yet for the 2024 season, but be sure to check back here when they release!

Here’s a look at 2023’s over/under totals to reminisce.

Team Logo Over-Under Win Total
🏈 Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State Logo 10.5 (Over: -105, Under: -115)
🏈 Michigan Wolverines Michigan Logo 10.5 (Over: -130, Under: +110)
🏈 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin Logo 8.5 (Over: -145, Under: +125)
🏈 Penn State Nittany Lions Penn State Logo 9.5 (Over: -150, Under: +130)
🏈 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa Logo 8 (Over: -165, Under: +140)
🏈 Michigan State Spartans Michigan State Logo 5.5 (Over: +135, Under: -155)
🏈 Minnesota Golden Gophers Minnesota Logo 7 (Over: +110, Under: -130)
🏈 Nebraska Cornhuskers Nebraska Logo 6 (Over: -150, Under: +130)
🏈 Purdue Boilermakers Purdue Logo 5.5 (Over: +145, Under: -165)
🏈 Maryland Terrapins Maryland Logo 7.5 (Over: +110, Under: -130)
🏈 Illinois Fighting Illini Illinois Logo 6.5 (Over: -125, Under: +105)
🏈 Indiana Hoosiers Indiana Logo 3.5 (Over: -145, Under: +125)
🏈 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Rutgers Logo 3.5 (Over: -105, Under: -110)
🏈 Northwestern Wildcats Northwestern Logo 3 (Over: +100, -120)

Big Ten Sports Betting FAQ

Is Online Sports Betting legal in B1G Country

Short answer: Yes! Sports betting is legal in 12 of the 14 B1G states and online betting is legal in all but 4 B1G states.

Which new states are entering the B1G? Do they offer sports betting?

The B1G is adding 4 new schools in 2024 out of 3 states: California, Oregon and Washington. Sports betting is legal in Washington and Oregon, but not California.

Who has the best odds to win the Big Ten in 2024?

Ohio State has the best odds to win the 2024 Title

Which Big Ten states have legal online sports betting?

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, Washington, Oregon and New Jersey allow for legal online betting.

Is sports betting legal in New Jersey?

Yes, but like Washington it is highly regulated and bets on in-state college teams is prohibited. So, you cannot be on Rutgers in New Jersey.

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