Who would’ve expected this in the seventh week of the season? Six B1G games, five of which were decided in blowout fashion. Kudos, Penn State-Iowa, you were the only two teams to put up much of a fight this weekend. Unfortunately, there is no award for that.

The games weren’t all that intriguing from the edge-of-your-seat entertainment standpoint, but the results we got were pretty unexpected. Minnesota plowed over Nebraska; Purdue blew past Maryland and Wisconsin obliterated Wisconsin. Honestly, I expected all three of those matchups to provide us with some excitement.

Oh well.

The weekend did provide plenty of items for me to overreact to, however. So, let’s dive into the Week 7 overreactions.

There are no dumb (ass) questions, just dumb (ass) decisions

Was it a bad idea to ask Mark Dantonio if he regrets his decision to not fire his staff and bring in fresh offensive minds this season after a 38-0 loss? Yes, it was probably ill-advised. But you know what else was ill-advised? Reshuffling the staff for a group that was historically bad a year ago. The timing of the question wasn’t great, but it wasn’t a “dumb-ass” question considering what Sparty has done the last two weeks offensively.

Rutgers put the “1” in B1G

Give it up for Rutgers, who quite literally put the “1” in B1G. Little did you know that digit would represent the number of passing yards the Scarlet Knights would total against Indiana’s defense. The only way I thought finishing a game with 1 passing yard was possible was if it involved either Army or Navy. Way to prove me wrong, Rutgers.

Team in the toilet? Call a Plummer!

I was seriously beginning to wonder if Purdue was going to win another game this season. The Boilermakers looked like they were headed straight for the Toilet Bowl. How fitting, then, that a guy named Plummer comes along and throws for over 400 yards and three touchdowns to lead Purdue to a blowout win over Maryland. I feel like there’s an endorsement deal somewhere down the road…

I_wa Hawkeyes

If you’ve seen I_wa’s “O,” please call Kirk or Brian Ferentz. As hard as they’ve tried, the Hawkeyes can’t really win without it.

Huskers? More like Shucks-ers

Nebraska should have to change its name for the week, right? Losses to Colorado and Ohio State were ugly, but those were at least understandable. And a loss to Minnesota wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but getting beat by 27 points because you can’t seem to tackle a running back? That’s a big problem. Blame Adrian Martinez’s absence, the weather or whatever else, but right now, the football ain’t great in Lincoln.

Cheese curds and shutouts. That’s what Wisconsin does

Congratulations to Northwestern and Michigan, the only two teams to score points on Wisconsin this year. Maybe they deserve a prize. Honestly, the Badgers’ defense kind of reminds me of that level in Super Mario Bros. when you’re trying to avoid all those fireball windmills, gumbas and rescue Princess Peach. To put it simply, it’s impossible to figure out. (If you know how to beat that level on Nintendo, by the way, please DM me.) Four shutouts and holding teams scoreless in 20 of 24 quarters. I hate to say it, but that defense has actually superseded cheese curds.

K.J. Haml-air

You saw how much air K.J. Hamler got on that touchdown leap, right? He may be the football version of Michael Jordan. Except Michael Jordan probably never landed on his head like that.

How to Lose a Game in 10 Ways — directed by Jim Harbaugh

If you’ve seen the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, you’ll probably understand the reference. It’s not that Jim Harbaugh and Michigan has actually lost a lot of games (except that one to Wisconsin), but they sure do everything in their power to gift those victories to opponents. Well, except you, Rutgers. It reminds me of how Kate Hudson tried to shake Matthew McConaughey. In the end, the two found happiness. I’m not sure we’ll say the same about Michigan at the end of the year.

Octo-bowl in Bloomington?

There is a very real chance the Indiana Hoosiers football team will be bowl eligible by the end of October. This is not a joke. Tom Allen’s team sits at 4-2 with games against Maryland, Northwestern and Nebraska coming up. Hoosier fans have seen this movie before, but this time it feels a little different. By the time November rolls around, we could be seeing the hashtag #Windiana going viral.

Eight and OHHH-phers

Minnesota is 6-0. The next two games are against Rutgers and Maryland. The Golden Gophers have a very real chance to start the season 8-0 before a big matchup against Penn State in Minneapolis. It could be the biggest game in the Twin Cities in a long, long time. But we’ll have to listen to P.J. Fleck’s coach-speak for a few more weeks before that. Hey, whatever works.