It has been 8 years since anyone has been able to play as a collegiate football team unless you have kept the last NCAA game NCAA 14.

Madden is releasing a new mode in their latest edition of the game, Madden 22.

Madden announced 10 college football legacy teams that will be available to play in a new game mode in the coming days.

Two B1G teams made the list for the legacy teams Nebraska and Michigan State.

The other 8 teams are USC, Oregon, Clemson, Miami, LSU, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas.

With all the new rule changes and NIL agreements  they are changing collegiate athletics forever. EA Sports in February announced that they would be releasing a new college football game in July of 2023.

For now, college football fans will either have to get the new Madden 22 game to play the new game mode with the 10 legacy teams or keeping playing the old NCAA 14 video game until that release date in July.