The College Football Playoff picture will start to take more shape as we head into October, and two B1G teams are currently high on ESPN’s Playoff Predictor.

One team outside the B1G that took a big hit over the weekend was Clemson. The Tigers have struggled a bit to start the year with a loss to Georgia, a tight win over unranked Georgia Tech, and now a loss to NC State. With two losses, Dabo Swinney’s CFP hopes now hang in the balance.

Ohio State has also looked a bit off at times in the early going, and the Buckeyes already have one loss on the year to Oregon. That loss alone will not doom Ohio State, but the Buckeyes are no longer the B1G team with the best odds to make the Playoff.

That distinction belongs to Jim Harbaugh and Michigan. According to the Playoff Predictor, the Wolverines have a 27% chance to make the CFP, coming in at No. 5 behind Oregon. Ohio State has a 21% to make the Playoff, and both B1G rivals are given a 4% chance to win the national title.

Georgie, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Oregon currently occupy the top four spots on the predictor with Georgia and Alabama dominating the odds to make the CFP and win the national title. Here is how the Playoff Predictor looks after Week 4: