The Alabama Crimson Tide—the Colossus of College Football—have opened up a big lead in ESPN’s All-State Playoff predictor rankings headed into Week 12 of the season. 

The Crimson Tide currently are 89% favorites to make the final four, with two Big Ten teams, Ohio State and Wisconsin, in semi-close pursuit. 

The Buckeyes, coming off of a cancelled game at Maryland because of Covid-19 issues with the Terrapins roster, are at 61% to make the final four. While Wisconsin, a team that hammered Michigan into one of its worst losses in program history Saturday night, is sitting third at 55%. 

The rest of the rankings are spread out over several leagues, including the ACC, Pac-12, AAC, and even the independents with BYU having played its way into the mix.

The full All-State rankings and percentages are as follows. 

  • Alabama—89%
  • Ohio State—61%
  • Wisconsin—55%
  • Notre Dame–49%
  • Clemson—43%
  • Oregon—30%
  • BYU—25%
  • Florida—18%
  • Cincinnati—12%
  • Texas A&M—7%