Purdue WR Charlie Jones and Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison have added an impressive stat to their resumes.

The Boilermaker and Buckeye have set the first and second place marks for the most targets without a drop so far this season. Jones sits up top with 28 targets without a drop, while Harrison holds second place with a still impressive 20 targets.

Jones is off to a blistering start for the Boilermakers. In last weekend’s contest against Indiana State, Jones caught 9 receptions for 133 yards and 3 touchdowns in just one half. Jones had more than half of the team’s receptions (17), 63% of the receiving yards (211), and 3 of the 4 receiving touchdowns against Indiana State in the first half.

In Week 1 play, Jones had 8 more receptions than any of his fellow receivers and was the only receiver to account for a receiving touchdown.

Harrison also is off to his own spectacular start with the Buckeyes. In just the first two games, Harrison surpassed his totals from last season and capped it off with a hat trick in last Saturday’s game against Arkansas State.

Through 3 quarters, Harrison had 7 catches for 184 yards and 3 TDs. The Buckeye WR was responsible for 137 of Ohio State’s 299 yards in the first half.