It’s been a whacky, wild, and fun first half of the college football season. And if the first six weeks has been any indication, the second half of the season is going to be sensational as well.

But let’s step away from the serious side of B1G football for a moment and take some time to enjoy some of lighter, funnier things that have occurred through the halfway point of the year.

Let’s highlight the ridiculous, the obscure and the hilarious.

Here are the best, and most hilarious moments, through the first six weeks of the B1G season:

The “Excessive Juice!” sign Maryland carries around.

What is excessive juice? When does that sign get used? Can it be applied to anyone? So. Many. Questions.

Gabe Megginson’s incredibly awesome interview with Mike Hall — which included a banjo performance.

The Illinois offensive lineman had aspirations of being a music teacher. Then he found out you have to be good at music. So, of course, he learned how to play the banjo. And then changed his major.

Literally everyone thinking it’s a good idea to talk smack about Michigan

“We’re going to beat the heck out of Michigan.” – Florida head coach Jim McElwain.

“I’ve got no doubt in my mind that we can go out and shock the world.” – Cincinnati running back Mike Boone.

“It’s going to be a surprise when people see us beat Michigan.” – Purdue receiver Gregory Phillips.

Michigan went 3-0 in those games.

That time the Wyoming punter whiffed on his own punt attempt

Maybe next time, guy.

Paul Chryst doesn’t care about you or the questions you want answered

The Wisconsin head coach is known for his dry humor and matter-of-fact responses. If he answers your question, great. If not, well that’s just fine, too.

Mike Riley’s first ever attempt at anger didn’t end well

Of course the first time the Nebraska head coach showed any sign of anger it backfired. Maybe next time he’ll take a page out of Jim Harbaugh’s book and slam it into the ground.

Rutgers’ attempts to score points against Ohio State…and fails

You can’t help but feel a little bad for Chris Ash and the Scarlet Knights. All they wanted was a measly field goal so they didn’t get shutout by the Buckeyes for a second-straight season. Maybe 2018.

Penn State players nail the “In the Air Tonight” drum solo

If Phil Collins ever needs an emergency drummer, he should swing by Happy Valley.

That guy on Northwestern’s sideline who wears a ‘smedium’ polo

We’re still wondering if it’s an adult or youth smedium.

Kirk Ferentz reads Twitters…and then snorts in laughter

Mean Twitters doesn’t seem to bother Ferentz too much.

Goldy Gopher annihilates some poor kid 

It just wouldn’t be football if the Minnesota mascot didn’t celebrate his ability to run over an eight-year-old. Row the Boat, right?

Baker Mayfield plants the Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium

C’mon, Ohio State fans. You’d think this was funny if it happened to anyone else. Enjoy the humor. You know Michigan and Penn State are.

The solar eclipse really had Jim Harbaugh fired up

Attack the solar eclipse with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Or something like that.

Michigan State’s not-so-subtle jab at Purdue’s visiting locker rooms

Harbaugh probably won’t be complaining about this setup when he travels to East Lansing in 2018.

Jeff Brohm turns into the Incredible Hulk and smashes a chair

This video either makes you want to throw a chair or roll out of one in laughter.

Keegan-Michael Key has the absolute best impersonation of James Franklin

Please let Keegan-Michael Key call one play for Penn State this year. JUST ONE.

Either there’s a ghost on the visiting sidelines or John O’Korn deserves an Academy Award

Hey, it drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, so I guess it worked.

“Speak Out” is apparently a popular game at Wisconsin

The video speaks for itself.  (See what I did there?)

Tom Allen gets really intense while wrestling Mike Hall

Just guessing that most of Indiana’s players probably don’t mess with their head coach after watching this.

Dancing with the Stars probably won’t be asking Chris Ash to be a contestant

Ash is definitely the guy who goes all out when the “Chicken Dance” comes on at weddings.