The B1G had a strong showing in the 2020 NFL Draft, with forty-eight former players getting selected this year. And even though the conference had nearly 50 players chosen, there were still some pretty talented prospects went undrafted.

Several players from the B1G have already signed undrafted free agent contracts, and the list will continue to grow as the days go on. Here’s a look at some of the B1G players who have already been picked up on free agent deals.

*This list will continue to be updated as more B1G players sign UDFA contracts.


Nick Westbrook, WR — Tennessee Titans


Kristian Welch, LB

Nate Wieting, TE — Cleveland Browns

Cedrick Lattimore, DT — Seattle Seahawks


Javon Leake, RB — New York Giants

Tyler Mabry, TE — Seattle Seahawks

Tino Ellis, DB — Tino Ellis


Sean McKeon, TE — Dallas Cowboys

Lavert Hill, CB — Kansas City Chiefs

Michigan State

Tyler Higby, OL — Minnesota Vikings

Raequan Williams, DL — Philadelphia Eagles

Cody White, WR — Kansas City Chiefs

Joe Bachie, LB — New Orleans Saints

Mike Panasiuk, DL — Las Vegas Raiders

Darrell Stewart, WR — Green Bay Packers


Sam Renner, DL — Los Angeles Rams

Rodney Smith, RB — Carolina Panthers


Lamar Jackson, CB — New York Jets

Darrion Daniels, DL — San Francisco 49ers


Joe Gaziano, DE — Los Angeles Chargers

Ohio State

Liam McCullough, LS — Las Vegas Raiders

Austin Mack, WR — New York Giants

Branden Bowen, OL — Carolina Panthers

Binjimen Victor, WR — New York Giants

Penn State

Blake Gillikin, P — New Orleans Saints

Jan Johnson, LB — Houston Texans

Garrett Taylor, DB — Buffalo Bills

Nick Bowers, TE — Las Vegas Raiders

Steven Gonzalez, OL — Arizona Cardinals

Dan Chisena, WR — Minnesota Vikings


Willington Previlon, DE — Green Bay Packers

Kamaal Seymour, OL — Las Vegas Raiders


Chris Orr, LB — Carolina Panthers