It’s as close to a free agency market as we get in college football. The mass amounts of players transferring between programs gives us plenty to talk about in the few months at the conclusion of the season.

And with big-time players starting to move more frequently — more and more four- and five-star players are leaving programs — the market has become inundated with talent. It makes the conversation much more interesting.

This year, 247Sports decided to rank the top 50 players who decided to transfer this offseason. You better believe there were a ton of B1G names mentioned. It includes plenty of players who transferred in and out of the league. In total, 14 B1G players were listed.

Here’s how 247Sports ranked the B1G players transferring in 2019:

  • No. 1: Justin Fields, QB — from Georgia to Ohio St.
  • No. 5: Jonah Jackson, OT — from Rutgers to TBD
  • No. 6: Aubrey Solomon, DT — from Michigan to Tennessee
  • No. 8: Luke Ford, TE — from Georgia to Illinois
  • No. 9: Darrion Daniels, DT — from Oklahoma St. to Nebraska
  • No. 10: Tate Martell, QB — from Ohio St. to Miami
  • No. 14: Larry Boyd, OT — from Illinois to TBD
  • No. 18: Manny Bowen, LB — from Penn St. to Utah
  • No. 26: Jack Tuttle, QB — from Utah to Indiana
  • No. 28: Juwan Johnson, WR — from Penn St. to TBD
  • No. 34: KeAndre Jones, LB — from Ohio St. to Maryland
  • No. 38: Avery Roberts, LB — from Nebraska to Oregon St.
  • No. 39: Bennett Williams, S — from Illinois to TBD
  • No. 40: Tyjon Lindsey, WR — from Nebraska to Oregon St.

To view the complete list of rankings, you can visit 247Sports’ website.