The latest playoff predictor from ESPN is out and it features a few teams from the B1G.

Before that though, Georgia still has the best odds to make the College Football Playoff at 93%. The Bulldogs have been the best team in the country and have shown no signs of slowing down.

Alabama comes in with the 2nd highest odds to make the CFP at 69%, which also should come as no surprise given how dominant they’ve mainly been. Oklahoma is next at 62%, followed by Cincinnati at 57%.

Ohio State is the 1st B1G team after those 4 teams on the predictor as it has a 53% chance of getting in. The 2 Michigan schools round it out for the conference, but the order is a bit whack. Michigan has a 20% chance to make the CFP, even though it lost to Michigan State on Saturday, and MSU in turn has a 16% chance.

These can and will change as the season gets closer to ending, but the drama will continue to heighten.