The latest College Football Playoff predictor has been released and as expected, there were a lot of changes after this week’s slate of games.

3 teams from the B1G has been included in the top 10 for the predictor and it all starts with Michigan. The Wolverines beat Northwestern on Saturday to get to 7-0 and in turn, their playoff odds are now up to 45%.

Ohio State comes up just shy with odds of 44% after its win against Indiana on Saturday. The next big test will come against Penn State next Saturday and the odds will surely change after that, as well.

The same goes for the Wolverines when they travel to East Lansing to take on the Spartans next Saturday. MSU currently has a 9% chance of getting into the playoff, but those odds will surely go up with a win.

Outside of the B1G, Georgia has the best odds of getting in at 88%, followed by Alabama at 69%, Oklahoma at 52%, and Cincinnati at 46%.