Every year, a number of teams believe they can contend for a national championship. In reality, Bud Elliott with 247 Sports makes the argument that there is a minimum level of talent a team needs in order to win a national championship.

That belief is what led to Elliott’s construction of the “Blue-Chip Ratio” rankings. According to Elliott’s ratio, there are 15 teams capable of winning the national title.

Here is Elliott’s formula for creating the ratio:

Put simply, to win the national championship, college football teams need to sign more four- and five-star recruits (AKA “Blue Chips”) than two- and three-star players over the previous four recruiting classes.

Elliott calls the ratio “a necessary but not sufficient condition” for winning the national title. In other words, having this level of talent does not guarantee a title, but it is incredibly difficult for a team to win one without this level of talent.

Unsurprisingly, Alabama led the way on the 2022 Blue-Chip Ratio with an 89% rating. Three teams out of the B1G made the cut with Ohio State (80%), Michigan (59%) and Penn State (55%). Ohio State was second on the ratio and was the only other team outside of Alabama to reach 80%.