For some schools, the creation of the NCAA transfer portal has been a blessing. For others, it’s a curse.

While movement inside the portal never really stops, this part of the year tends to see a dip in the number of players entering and exiting. It provides us with a good opportunity to really dissect which teams have benefited most, and which schools may be suffering. recently looked at the schools that have seen the highest number of transfer portal entries since Aug. 1, 2021 for college football student-athletes. Three B1G programs are near the top of the list.

Maryland and Colorado lead the country in the number of scholarship players that have entered since last August, with both seeing 21 student-athletes enter the transfer portal. Indiana isn’t far behind, with 19 players opting to search for opportunities elsewhere.

Michigan State is just one behind the Hoosiers, with 18 student-athletes entering their name into the NCAA database.

Below is the complete list of the Top 10, per Rivals:

What’s not counted in these statistics is the number of players that each program has gained through the transfer portal. All three schools from the B1G have added some big pieces to their rosters via the portal.

There will likely be another surge in transfer portal entries following the conclusion of spring football. Will Maryland, Indiana and Michigan State still be at the top of this list when the summer approaches?