The Fox College Football account on Twitter released a graphic showing what schools have the most QB draft picks since 2013. There were 4 B1G schools that made the graphic as well.

The graphic broke the teams up based on the number of QBs drafted since 2013. Ohio State led all B1G teams with 3 QBs drafted. Iowa, Penn State, and Northwestern have all had 2 QBs drafted since the 2013 NFL Draft. Other than the B1G, schools from the all around the country were featured on the graphic.

Here’s where the rest of the teams lined up:

  • 4 players: Oklahoma
  • 3 players: Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, LSU, NC State, North Dakota State, Pitt, USC, WKU
  • 2 players: Arkansas, Cal, Duke, FIU, Georgia, Louisville, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, UNC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Texas A&M, UCLA, Washington State, West Virginia