Part of the fun of college football isn’t just cheering for your favorite team, it’s also rooting as hard as you can against the team you hate the most. That’s just part of the deal in this sport.

While every fan has that one team they can’t stand, there are some teams that catch a little more hate than others. There are plenty of factors involved there — such as conferences, team rivalries, regions of the country, etc. — but really, the amount of hate certain teams get boils down to two factors: how much they win and how annoying the fans are.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran a poll asking college football fans to rank the most hated college football teams based on those factors, as well as a few others. And the results revealed that there are a lot of people hating on B1G teams.

Four teams from the conference were listed in the top nine most hated programs in the country. Here’s where they ranked and with what percentage of the vote they received:

  • No. 2: Ohio State, 12%
  • No. 4: Penn State, 7%
  • No. 5: Michigan, 6%
  • No. 8: Nebraska, 2%

All four of those programs have a rich football history, but considering some of the recent struggles of Penn State, Michigan and Nebraska, it was a bit of a surprise to see them all so high in this list.

Then again, maybe some of the voters just ran into the wrong group of fans of those schools.

Alabama, who has dominated the sport for a decade now, was the No. 1 most hated team, receiving 16% of the vote. Notre Dame was No. 3 with 10%.