A good way to measure how good a program is how much NFL talent you produce year in and year out. A graphic came out recently showing that plenty of B1G schools excel at producing NFL-ready talent.

Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, Michigan, and Nebraska all have 10 or more players on active rosters heading into the NFL playoffs. While a couple of the schools are known for producing high talent at certain positions, it’s still a good sign.

Ohio State had the most out of any B1G school with 18. Iowa came in second with 17. Penn State has 15, while Michigan has 13. Nebraska currently has the fewest going into the playoffs with 11.

The weekend slate of playoff games should be fun to watch no matter what team you root for. Two games are taking place on Saturday, with three on Sunday, and one on Monday.

It looks like the B1G definitely knows how to produce players that can perform at the next level.