Non-conference scheduling has become a major topic of conversation since the inauguration of the College Football Playoff. There’s been plenty of debate about what avenue is the best to take.

Should teams schedule lighter in the non-conference schedule, essentially guaranteeing victories outside of league play? Or should there be a push to add tough competition to the slate, bolstering a resumé for College Football Playoff consideration?

In 2019, five B1G teams will take a slightly easier path, having no Power Five opponents on their schedule.

According to Pick Six Previews, Ohio State, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin do not have a Power Five opponent on the non-conference schedule. In total, there are 11 Power Five programs that took that same path.

To be fair to the B1G — and the Pac-12 and Big 12 — the conference schedule is nine games, adding another major opponent to the slate. But will this route pay off?

The SEC and ACC are the two conferences that have reached the College Football Playoff in all five seasons of its existence. Both leagues have eight-game conference schedules and the two are also notorious for scheduling FCS opponents. That approach has yet to hurt either league.

So could the B1G and those five teams — likely Ohio State or Wisconsin — see a benefit from getting three (seemingly) easier victories in non-conference play? I guess we’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out.