With another decade of college football in the books, Sporting News writer Bill Bender took on the challenge of ranking the 25 best teams from 2010-19. Five B1G teams were included in his list.

Bender didn’t just throw his opinion out arbitrarily. Instead, he came up with a unique scoring system that would give each program a set amount of criteria in order to receive points in this ranking system. Using that formula, the top 25 was released.

Here was Bender’s formula for ranking those 25 teams:

  • National championships: 10 points each
  • National title game appearances: 5 points each
  • College Football Playoff appearances: 5 points each
  • New Year’s Day Six/BCS bowl appearances: 3 points each
  • Heisman Trophy winners: 2 points each

Using that criteria, two B1G teams actually cracked the top 10. Ohio State led the charge, coming in at No. 3 on the list, behind Alabama and Clemson. Five spots below the Buckeyes was Wisconsin, which was locked in at No. 8.

Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State were all included in the top 25, as well. Here’s where all five teams ranked:

  • No. 3: Ohio State
  • No. 8: Wisconsin
  • No. 14: Michigan State
  • No. 17: Michigan
  • No. 21: Penn State

You can view Bender’s complete top 25 list on SportingNews.com.