Yes, I’m cheating this week. The B1G had only four games on the Week 10 slate and only one ranked team was in action. If the conference can get away with doing half a workload on Saturday, I’m taking the same approach on Sunday.

Those four games weren’t really all that interesting, either. Nebraska-Purdue was easily the most entertaining matchup of the day, with a back-and-forth B1G West clash being decided on a trick play in the closing minute of the fourth quarter, and the Boilermakers posting a 31-27 victory. And give credit to Rutgers for being tied with Illinois 10-10 half. But Lovie Ball was too much in the second half and the Illini got a 38-10 win.

Michigan-Maryland and Northwestern-Indiana were stinkers. Both teams won by 31 points, providing us with a zero on the entertainment scale.

With such little action this week, I’m trimming the 10 overreactions to just five this weekend. Deal with it.

Can you say “karma,” Nebraska?

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I, and Indiana native, gave the cinnamon roll-and-chili combination a chance. Everyone was raving about this unique pairing so I decided it was time I expand my palate. It was when I took a bit of spicy chili followed by ooey gooey cinnamon roll that I realized one thing: You are all liars.

The cinnamon-roll chili combination is the exact same as a popular chili restaurant native to Cincinnati. It’s literally the same taste. Is a coincidence that, after you fed me lies, the Huskers lost to both the teams from my home state in back-to-bac weeks? You tell me.

Also, I’m switching back to peanut butter sandwiches with my chili, as God intended.

It’s becoming Lovie’s Fall thanks to Lovie Ball

We all kind of snickered at Lovie Smith’s emphasis on getting takeaways resulting in more wins for Illinois. It’s not that we didn’t believe him, but the Illini defense was so bad we just didn’t think it would matter all that much.

Look who’s laughing now.

Illinois has forced eight turnovers in its three wins over Wisconsin, Purdue and Rutgers, and has only given the ball away once. There’s no question there’s a correlation there. And now, the Illini are just one win away from bowl eligibility.

Maybe there’s a little magic in that beard, after all.

Jeff Brohm is doing his best Gene Hackman impression

Remember that scene in Hoosiers when Hickory has just four guys playing and Gene Hackman looks at the official and says “My team is on the floor”? I feel like that’s what Jeff Brohm is doing right now — although it’s not by his choice.

Somehow, with nine freshman starters, a third-string, walk-on quarterback and Rondale Moore, the team’s best player, standing on the sidelines, Purdue found a way to beat Nebraska. I know the Boilermakers are only 3-6, but Brohm has quietly done an excellent coaching job.

Who’s going to be surprised if Purdue is in the College Football Playoff next year? As Paul Rudd might say, “Not me!”

Sorry, Wildcats, you’re now Nrthwestern

How is it possible that Nrthwestern has gone a month without scoring a touchdown? I know the schedule as been pretty daunting, but usually a team can either luck its way into the end zone or cross the goal line in garbage time. The Wildcats have done neither.

Seriously, I don’t understand. So, for that reason, I’m stealing the “O” out of Northwestern. You’ll get it back when you score a damn touchdown. And Hashtag #IDontCare what you think about that.

It’s honestly a good thing for Nrthwestern that it doesn’t play Rutgers this season. The Scarlet Knights would have a legitimate shot at winning that game.

Shame on you, Indiana fans

Indiana secured bowl eligibility a week ago, beat Nebraska on the road and was playing its first November night game in the history of Memorial Stadium. Nrthwestern (see above) isn’t exactly the premier opponent, but things were in place for a thrilling atmosphere in Bloomington.

There were still thousands of empty seats. There aren’t many places in college football where you’d see an atmosphere quite like that given the Hoosiers’ resume this season. Maybe the kickoff time conflicted too much with the Notre Dame game…yeah, I went there.

For the fans that showed up and cheered on IU for this unbelievable season, I tip my hat to you. But there wasn’t enough support at Memorial Stadium. The Hoosiers deserve more support than what they saw.

And you know what? That’s actually not an overreaction at all.