We’ve known for months that college football just isn’t going to look the same this year. Still, seeing an empty stadium is a concept hard to grasp, especially in a sport that depends so heavily on energetic crowds.

On Monday night, Navy hosted BYU in a game that rounded out Week 1 action in college football. While we’re all thrilled to be seeing college football back on our televisions this fall, it’s very surreal to see nobody sitting in the seats.

Below are some of the images from Monday night’s contest:

It’s crazy to think a high-level college football game is being played.

There have been nine games played prior to Monday night’s showdown between Navy and BYU. Most of those games have allowed some fans inside the venues, though it’s drastically lower than a capacity crowd.

For the 2020 college football season, this is the new normal. It won’t be the last time we see an empty stadium this fall.