AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco went off on the College Football Committee on a Wednesday appearance with Paul Finebaum.

He is absolutely not happy with how the Committee ranks the teams, especially because Cincinnati (who’s in the AAC and is 8-0), is only the ninth-ranked team in the latest rankings.

One of the biggest things he said this evening was about how the NCAA should bring back the BCS system if changes aren’t made with the criteria:

He also added that the conference thought they had a path to potentially have a team make the playoff but that’s basically all but gone:

Here’s the rest of what Aresco had to say:

Aresco has every reason to be frustrated with the CFP since Cincinnatti is behind teams who have losses but their chances of making it into the CFP were always slim. Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Ohio State have been lights out this season and the committee will always take them over Cincinnati.

One problem Aresco rightly has is the fact that the Bearcats have slid down the rankings due to cancellations over the past couple of weeks. Despite not even playing, Cincinnati has slid to No. 9.

If the Bearcats win against Tulsa on Saturday though, they should move up in the next rankings when the CFP field is made official.

We’ll just have to see when a team other than Notre Dame from outside the Power 5 conferences ever gets into the CFP.