Kentucky defensive back Brandin Echols just had the flop of the year and we’re only two days into 2021.

After the play was over, NC State tight end Devin Carter shoved Echols to the turf and we’ll just let the video do the rest:

After Echols was shoved down, he laid there for a few seconds motionless to draw a flag on the play.

As for the game overall, Kentucky is currently up 13-7 as the third quarter has come to a close. Chris Rodrigues has the lone Wildcats touchdown as he has 10 rushes for 37 yards. The Wildcats are also winning this game with not even 100 yards passing yet.

If Kentucky holds on to win, they’d finish their season at 5-6 while NC State would drop to 8-4 (and out of the polls). You can catch the end of the Gator Bowl on ESPN.