Air Force will have some new uniforms this fall. Its latest uniforms will be honoring the United States Space Force.

The jerseys will be black, with blue helmets. On the back side of the jerseys will be the words ‘Semper Supra’, which is the Space Force’s motto that means ‘Always Above’ in English.

Chief of Space Operations General John W. Raymond commented on the uniforms and what it means to be featured by Air Force per

“We find ourselves in a period of great competition for space with nations that don’t share our view,” said Raymond. “It’s a competition where the outcome is no longer assured, and it’s a competition that we cannot lose. Because if we lose our access and ability to operate freely in space, we all lose.”

The helmet designs represent the dominance, quick strike, and precision of the Air Force and Space Force. The jerseys also show the connection between the 2 branches with the Air Force mark and the Polaris star of the Space Force. There are also multiple helmets, each with 1 of the words courage, commitment, connection, and character on them for the core values of the Space Force.