A school in California has decided to shut down its college football program.

Occidental College, a liberal arts college located in Los Angeles, announced that it has decided to shut down its football program. The team, which competes at the NCAA Division III level, has lost 21-straight games. Three seasons ago, the program was forced to end the season early because it did not have enough players to finish the schedule.

“Only after very careful consideration and a thorough review of past planning efforts, as well as with the deepest regard for the context and history of football at Occidental, do we make this decision,” college president Harry Elam said in a school news release on Tuesday night. “As difficult as this decision is, we believe it is the right one for Occidental.”

Elam further explained the shut down is part of the negative impact COVID-19 has had in 2020.

“We make this decision in the context of the major financial downturn the college has experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also as the result of many years’ ongoing study of the football program.”

Some players reacted to the news with posts on social media: