Andy Katz of the Big Ten Network recently reacted to the first AP Top 25 poll being released.

Indiana, Illinois and Michigan are the 3 B1G teams showing up in the initial rankings. However, Katz believes that up to 10 teams from the B1G could crack the rankings at some point this season.

🚨 The first @AP_Top25 πŸ€ Poll is out 🚨

And @TheAndyKatz explains why he thinks up to πŸ”Ÿ @B1GMBBall teams could potentially enter the rankings throughout the season:

β€” Big Ten Network (@BigTenNetwork) October 17, 2022

“I would have had Indiana in the top 10, I would have had Illinois in the teens and I would have actually had Michigan State in the top 25 ahead of Michigan,” Katz said. “At the very least 3 B1G teams in, with Michigan State being the third. If you are to have a fourth, that’s where potentially Michigan would come into play with the return of Hunter Dickinson… After that, you could make a strong argument to put Rutgers on the cusp.”

The first AP Top 25 has Indiana at 13, Michigan at 22, and Illinois at 23. In addition to the 5 listed above, Katz said Purdue, Iowa, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Penn State could be ranked at some point during the season.