The B1G basketball tournament is here, with 14 teams set to vie for the title starting Wednesday.

Before the madness kicked off, NCAA reporter Andy Katz named his dark horse pick to win the B1G title and potentially even further into March. Who else but Tom Izzo and Michigan State?

“They’ve been under the radar for a number of reasons, they’ve been inconsistent at times,” Kats said. “But I do think that they’re not being discussed enough as a potential champion and a team that legitimately could get to Houston.”

See more of Katz’ comments below:

Weight to Katz’ claim?

Michigan State in 2023 has not been the Michigan State of years past. The Spartans are inconsistent, they struggle to score within the 3-point arc at times and they’ve dropped games they should not have.

But the Spartans still earned a double-bye in the B1G tournament, one that is truly wide open with no teams lighting it up down the stretch of the regular season. Their efficacy in the NCAAT may depend on draw, but the Spartans absolutely have what it takes to contend for a B1G tournament title this week.

The Spartans play one of Iowa, Ohio State or Wisconsin on Friday.