The Detroit Lions were about to close the gap between them and the Buffalo Bills who at the time had a 19-14 lead and a field goal would have cut it to a 19-17 lead.

Their field goal kicker, Michael Badgley, hadn’t missed a PAT or field goal attempt all season until Week 12. Instead, he missed a chip shot. He can blame the CBS announcing crew of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo for that.

Nantz was bragging about Badgley and how he hasn’t missed a field goal or a PAT all season and Romo warned him about the announcer jinx. Nantz blew it off and Badgley missed the easy chip shot.

Romo later apologized for jinxing the field goal kicker. Everyone in sports knows about the announcer jinx and how you don’t jinx a player who is on a streak. Did Nantz not watch the Kevin Costner movie “Bull Durham?” You never mess with a streak.

Oh well, maybe now Nantz will remember that from this point on.