An anonymous high school coach in Wisconsin has named which coach in the B1G he trusts the least in terms of recruiting.

No, it’s not Badgers head coach Paul Chryst, but it’s a coach that leads a team that the Badgers are rivals with.

In Jesse Temple’s “Inside Wisconsin Recruiting” story on The Athletic, a coach from Western Wisconsin said that he trusts Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck the least.

“The one right now that I would trust the least and have the least respect for is P.J. Fleck, without a doubt,” the coach said. “And I wouldn’t have to think twice about who would be the first one I would say I wouldn’t trust or would have very little respect for. I think he’s all talk. I think he’s a very negative recruiter and I think he’s all talk and not a lot of substance.”

That’s definitely quite the statement. Minnesota has the No. 44 overall recruiting class for 2022, but they’re only No. 11 among all B1G teams.

It’ll be interesting to see if Fleck can fix this relationship in the future if he tries to recruit some of his players.