An anonymous survey from ESPN directed at college football players indicates that a large majority of student-athletes at the FBS level are fine with practicing and playing games during the COVID-19 pandemic even without a vaccine.

On Friday, ESPN shared the results of the survey. Of the 73 FBS players — who will remain anonymous — 64 said that they are comfortable practicing and playing even without a vaccine. Eight said they did not feel comfortable and one said he was “somewhat” fine with the circumstances.

“I would be perfectly fine practicing and playing games,” said one student-athlete. “There’s an assumption of risk whenever you play the sport to begin with and I don’t think adding the virus to that changes anything for the coaches or players.”

Additionally 62 student-athletes said they would be fine playing games even if other students were not permitted on campus. There were 11 who said they would not be comfortable playing if campuses remained closed to the general student population.

Several schools are preparing to have on-campus classes for the fall with new guidelines, limitations and restrictions in place.

Finally, 59 players said they would be fine playing the upcoming season even if it meant stadiums were empty or at limited capacity. Thirteen said they would not like that and one said it depends on the situation.

Already, several campuses are welcoming student-athletes back for voluntary workouts. Those schools also have protocols in place for players, staff members and coaches who test positive for the virus.