Ohio State and Michigan are both heading into the final stretch of the season with undefeated records.

ESPN college football analysts Heather Dinich and Paul Finebaum debated the likelihood of 2 B1G teams reaching the College Football Playoff. This could be the 2nd year in a row when the Ohio State-Michigan game at the end of the regular season has Playoff and B1G Championship Game implications.

While appearing on ESPN’s Get Up, Dinich and Finebaum discussed the end of the season for Michigan and Ohio State. Dinich mentioned how Penn State could play a role in the Playoff race between Ohio State and Michigan:

“Yes they are (likely to be undefeated) if these are two top-4 quality teams which they appear to be, there’s absolutely no reason they should lose before they meet in the regular-season finale,” said Heather Dinich. “If by some chance Penn State could pull off a miracle, there’s a possibility they could all end in a 3-way tie at 11-1… They have a possibility to still get in (to the Playoff together) Ohio State and Michigan but I wouldn’t predict it.”

In Week 9, Ohio State has an important rivalry matchup against Penn State. If Ohio State loses, it could cause some confusion in the B1G East.

Finebaum did not rule out the possibility of 2 B1G teams reaching the Playoff:

“It’s getting better by the hour,” said Paul Finebaum. “Right now, (Ohio State and Michigan) are both excelling. Ohio State to me has been the most complete team and Michigan is the team that just won’t go away no matter what I or anyone else says.”

Ohio State and Michigan will play on Saturday, Nov. 26. The 2 teams hope to be undefeated by the time the game comes.