It isn’t an NFL season without a weird overreaction from 7-time Pro Bowler in wide receiver Antonio Brown. In his second game back from his three-game suspension for misrepresenting his COVID vaccination status, Brown was looking forward to being one of the main targets for quarterback Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Instead, Brown experienced his latest example of temper tantrums in the past three seasons.

In Tampa Bay’s close road 28-24 win over the New York Jets, Brown got heated on the sidelines with his team and teammates. While Tampa Bay was down 24-10 with less than three minutes left in the third quarter, Brown took off his shoulder pads, shirt, and gloves and stormed off the field while the game was in process.

Brown finished the game catching 3 of the 5 targets thrown his way for 26 yards.

Former Illinois star Vontae Brown is known for retiring from the NFL at halftime in his first game with the Buffalo Bills. However, Antonio Brown’s latest outburst takes the prize of wildest game departures in NFL history.