An Arizona high school football coach has stepped down from his position because his team…scored too many points. No, that’s not a mistake.

According to AZ Central, La Joya Community High School head coach Devin Dourisseau has resigned following a 60-0 win over Copper Canyon after being accused of running up the score. Dourisseau says that he was threatened to be removed as the head coach if they scored another point after leading a game 30-0.

With Dourisseau having such little support from his superiors, he felt it was best to step away. Oddly enough, the head coach of Copper Canyon, Sean Freeman, said he didn’t think there was anything out of the normal.

“To me, it was not that big a deal,” Freeman said. “We just got beat fair and square. It’s football. And if you’re not showing up with your A game that’s what happens.”

La Joya had been involved in four blowout games, two wins and two losses.

You can read the full story at AZ Central.

Usually, crushing the opponent is the purpose of football at any level. Apparently Dourisseau was doing his job too well.