The most stunning and angering news of Sunday’s bowl announcements has to be the fact Army did not receive a bid for a bowl game despite its 9-2 record.

That was the initial thought, but the Black Knights are working on getting that bowl appearance as a reward for their successful 2020 campaign. With the Independence Bowl becoming one of the casualties of Selection Sunday (the bowl game reporting it could not find an opponent for Army), the Black Knights will have to investigate other opportunities.

Shortly after it came to Twitter’s attention that Army was not going bowling, the outrage hit a high level. The fact the Black Knights weren’t getting a bowl bid was met with universal outrage. If you’re on Twitter, you know that hardly any issue can be brought up on Twitter without someone giving you the “other perspective.”

With this issue top of mind, Army released a statement from its athletics director.

What opportunities exist are currently unclear. One possibility could be that Army serves as a replacement team for any squad that is unable to participate during the postseason as a result of COVID-19.

Though the regular season is done, we are far from out of the woods in regards to the current pandemic. It is entirely possible (and highly likely) that at least one team is unable to play out their bowl bid due to the virus.

Either way, let’s hope Army gets another chance to play this season. At 9-2, they have certainly earned it.