It’s not a competition, though it might be to some.

Athlon Sports turned social media usage into one with its list of top 10 Twitter accounts in college football. And just to show balance, they also came up with the top five worst Twitter accounts in college football.

The B1G held five of those 15 spots, including the No. 1 spot on the worst Twitter account list. It’s worth noting that the B1G have more spots (3) among the best than any other conference.

The criteria was based on “personality, graphics, voice and fun.” The accounts that were the most entertaining for the neutral fan to follow got the highest marks and visa versa.

Here’s what Athlon Sports had to say about each of the B1G teams. To see the list in its entirety, click here:


4. Ohio State (@OhioStAthletics)

Ohio State has some of the most passionate fans on social media. Even when there’s no football being played, they’re making sure you’re well-aware of what the other Buckeyes teams are up to. Now that’s school spirit.

5. Michigan State (@MSU_Football)

Exciting finishes during the season and vibrant players help this account achieve the success it has. The Spartans’ would be a great addition to any timeline.

7. Northwestern (@NUFBFamily)

Great graphics, great tweets, and the web series “On Hold with Christian Salem” (the team’s holder) is pretty genius.


1. Michigan (@umichfootball)

It’s a little boring and it really shouldn’t be. Michigan has social media gold in head coach Jim Harbaugh (who by the way has a pretty cool Twitter account), but there’s no life in their tweets.

3. Wisconsin (@BadgerFootball)

Wisconsin has amazing and dedicated fans, but the team’s Twitter just doesn’t reflect that.