Northwestern and Ohio State are squaring off in the B1G Championship, though this year’s version looks a lot different than previous years.

Saturday’s game between the Wildcats and the Buckeyes is the 10th installment of the B1G Championship that was started in 2011. Ohio State is making its sixth appearance with four victories while Northwestern is looking for its first win in its second try.

The game in Indianapolis is traditionally a big event with a packed stadium. Unfortunately, playing in the COVID pandemic has closed the doors to fans with the exception of a limited number of family members.

The official announced attendance for the game comes in at just over 1,500:

Just how different is that number from years past? The previous lowest attendance number came from 2012 and just the second edition of the B1G Championship Game. The reported attendance for that showdown was just over 41,000. In that game, Wisconsin throttled Nebraska by a final score of 70-31.

Hopefully this is a one-year hiatus from fans with things getting much closer to normal in 2021.