There have been a pretty consistent flow of cancelations, postponements and rescheduled games so far this college basketball season.

That flow seems to have reached a peak when it comes to Big Ten men’s basketball. With Penn State struggling with a COVID-19 outbreak, the Nittany Lions have seen a number of games postponed.

As the team slowly gets going again, Penn State is attempting to play some games previously lost. That has meant so major shuffling of the basketball schedule for multiple B1G schools.

Here is the full set of changes the conference announced Wednesday.

It appears a lot of this is being done so that Penn State can fit in some previously postponed games. The first change will be Iowa at Northwestern, which is moving up a day. That seems to be done so that the Wildcats have an extra day of rest prior to taking on Wisconsin on Jan. 20. That appears to have moved up a week so Penn State and Wisconsin can make up their game on Jan. 27.

At the same time, Penn State at Illinois was moved up a day so the Nittany Lions could fit in their game against Rutgers on Jan. 21.

If you’re confused, you’re probably not alone. Schedule makers at all 14 schools certainly have their hands full. This has been the roughest stretch so far as for postponements. It’s unclear whether this will get better or worse. It’s all part of playing college basketball in this current climate.