The Big Ten Network asked each of its coaches which actor would play their role if there was a movie about them.

The responses were… interesting to say the least, as many of them seemed to overestimate their looks. Some gave honest answers, but some were quite amusing. Either way, we got to see how high (or low) coaches think of themselves as far as appearances go.

Heres how each coach answered:

Ryan Day: Kyle Chandler “The guy from Bloodline and Friday Night Lights.”

Bret Bielema: “Back in the day Kevin Cosner, but I think I’m past that now.”

Pat Fitzgerald: “Tom Cruise because I’m a big Top Gun fan.”

P.J. Fleck: “Jason Statham”

Jim Harbaugh: “I’m gonna go with Brad Pitt. I’ve always wanted to be Brad Pitt.”

Jeff Brohm: “Just because we look similar, Brad Pitt.”

Mel Tucker: “Denzel Washington”

Tom Allen: “Tom Hanks”

Mike Locksley: “Forest Whitaker, we’re doppelgängers.”

James Franklin: “I’ve gotta go with Keegan-Michael Key, he’s done it before.”

Paul Chryst: “They would never do a movie about me.”