The Big Ten Network posted a fun video on its social platforms ahead of today’s ‘National Coffee Day.’

All the B1G coaches weighed in and gave their go-to coffee order.

“You don’t drink coffee for the flavor, you drink it for what it does,” Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck started the video out with.

Taking over the video were the coaches that don’t drink coffee and the coaches that drink it all black.

Then there’s Penn State’s head coach James Franklin who hasn’t made the transition to all black coffee… yet.

“I would love to get to the point of drinking it black,” Franklin said of his coffee selection. “But, my coffee is essentially an ice cream sundae by the time I get done making it in the morning.”

The vibes nonetheless were on point for the coffee. If you’re not drinking coffee at the moment, after hearing these coaches you might just have to have a cup… or 2.