Kevin Warren was introduced as the B1G commissioner-in-waiting on Tuesday in Chicago, and though it’ll be a few months until he takes part in his new role, the media still asked some of the prominent questions.

Warren, who was a late candidate for the position, was asked about his thoughts on two major issues in college athletics: player payment and the expansion of the College Football Playoff. But Warren walked carefully when asked those questions. Rather than providing a response, he said those are subjects he wants to talk about later.

Rather than being forced to backtrack on a statement during his introductory press conference, Warren says he wants to follow his predecessor Jim Delany around and get a feel for the issues in the B1G and college athletics before making a comment.

Smart move.

Player payment has been a major topic of conversation this decade and has even picked up a little steam. Recently, the NCAA formed a working group to look into the idea of paying student-athletes for name, image and likeness.

Expanding the College Football Playoff has also been a major topic recently, especially for the B1G. The conference has been left out each of the last two years and the league champion has been omitted three consecutive years.

Warren is going to wait to make a comment, though. And that’s probably the best move for right now.